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23rd August 1947.  Having escaped the horrors of the Second World War, French refugee Céleste Leloux and her son Louis (Lou-ee), arrive by ship on the banks of the Hudson River, New York City.  They are bound for Pittsburgh to start a new life, far away from the unspeakable suffering that took place in Tulle.

Years later after Louis graduates from High school, his curious nature leads him to find work as an Office Junior for the local Gazette.  It is here that a beautiful young journalist named Paige captures his heart.  She helps Louis unlock painful memories from the past, which in turn spur him on, to delve deeper and discover a secret past.

On Louis’s 21st birthday, Céleste presents him with a gift. A gift that not only rekindles a lost love, but becomes the catalyst in a mystery that leads him on a journey of pain, recollection and an eternal love from beyond the grave.


“The description in this book makes you feel like you’re there. You would think this could be a true story. That is what I like about it. Once I started reading, I could not put it down. That’s why I give it 5 stars.”


“I thought your debut novel ‘Golden Time’ was enthralling. The story line kept me hooked to the very last page. I loved the characters, especially Louis. Will definitely read future novels.”


“I found this a very engaging, un-put-down-able, but gentle story with no gratuitous sex or violence. Some lovely characters and no far-fetched plot situations. An excellent read.”

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